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Unicorn Otherkin Alliance Pegasus Horse Pony Kirin Quilin Alicorn Pegacorn Winged

Otherkin: Being who has had an existence as another being and may still feel connected to that existence. There are lots of different kind of otherkin

I have started a support group for unicorn-like otherkin. Others may join. Facebook Group: Unicorn Alliance

Unicorn otherkin are drawn to the unicorn vibration. Many unicorns are connected to the earth and plants. Many have a talent or skill with crystals. They are often very good at mastering and working with healing energy and protection energy.

Unicorns are very strong. Many percieve them as peaceful, but their healing magic and natural talents are very strong. Unicorns are powerful beings throughout history. Many unicornkind may have incarnated in more than one unicorn body. Unicorn breeds and species vary and this means that unicorns even from history show a wide range of physical forms. From the powerful dragonlike kirin to the magnificently beefy Abath, the unicorns are quite varied. Some are delicate and lithe, as pictured in English, Irish and Scottish imagery. This delicate unicorn was made popular through heraldry where the unicorn symbolized strength and purity.

There is a powerful unicorn-dragon connection. In Asia, this was seen as a "fortunate wedding of beneficial animals" meaning the unicorn of water-air energy. The unicorn and dragon are often melded into the same creature in many historical unicorns and even still remain that day in some regions (such as Asia and parts of India).

Unicorn Otherkin Traits: Shifts or phantom limbs (such as horn, ears, tail, broad back, curving neck, nostrils like a horse flaring, hooves, wings, entire unicorn body in some cases). Magical talent that can show in many ways, for instance telekinesis, healing, protection or all the above. Unicorns usually use energy work but there are spells and rites out there you can find. There are lots of books and resources out there, but i suggest finding one that speaks to you. Treasures of the Unicorn by Ted Andrews is great. Unicorns have a variety of traits but we are actually quite complex and some are unique and we all have our unique differences. There are lots of breeds of unicorns. Some unicorns feel drawn to particular elements and have a talent, while some are masters at all elements. Its complicated because there are so many kinds but in time you will be able to discover yourself and your magical talents. I was raised with horses and homeschooled and relate more to horses than people so i communicate like a horse. This means that its hard for me to define what is from my background and what is because I am a unicorn. I often feel i am communicating with body parts I don't think everyone is noticing, like swiveling ears, flaring nostrils or wings, etc.

for more book suggestions, please join our facebook group and check out our group files section, here is a direct link:

Unicorn Otherkin Alliance Pegasus Horse Pony Kirin Quilin Alicorn Pegacorn Winged

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Zoological Creatures Cryptids of Napa Valley Rebobs Bigfoot Chuck Chuck

Zoological Creatures

Curated Creatures

Myserious animals are found worldwide. 


List of Cryptozoological Creatures

Napa Valley Rebobs and Other California Cryptozoological Creatures

NameOther namesDescriptionPurported locationDepiction
AdjuleKelb-el-khelawesWestern Sahara North Africa 
AgogweAgogure, Kakundakari, Kikomba, Sehitebipedal small humanEast Africa 
Ahool Flying huge batIndonesia 
Akkorokamui CephalopodJapan and Thailand 
AlmasAbnauayu, almasty, albasty, bekk-bok,
biabin-guli, golub-yavan, gul-biavan, auli-avan,
kaptar, kra-dhun, ksy-giik, ksy-gyik, ochokochi,
mirygdy, mulen, voita, wind-man, Zana
Non-human ape or hominidAsia/Caucasus 
Altamaha-haAltieSturgeon or plesiosaur-like river animalGeorgia, United States 
AmomongoNegros ApePrimateNegros IslandPhilippines 
Andean wolfHagenbeck wolf, Andean mountain wolfDasycyon hagenbeckiCanineHigh AndesSouth America 
Appalachian black panther A large, black felid. A melanistic cougarWest VirginiaKentuckyPennsylvaniaNew YorkAlabamaOhioNew EnglandNorth CarolinaNew JerseyTennessee, and Virginia, United States 
AswangTik-tikvampiric werebeast or cannibalistic human-like shape-shifterPhilippines 
Ayia Napa sea monsterTo filiko teras (The Friendly Monster), NappisSpeculated to be something like a crocodile or sea serpentCyprus 
BarmanouBarmanu, Big Hairy OneApe or hominidMiddle East/Asia 
BatututUjit, Người rừngHominidVietnamLaos, and Borneo 
Beaman Ape or hominidMissouri, United States 
Bear Lake Monster Lake monsterIdaho/Utah, United States 
Beast of BladenboroVampire BeastBlood-sucking feline-like predatorNorth Carolina, United States 
Beast of Bodmin Large felidCornwallEngland 
Beast of Bray RoadWisconsin Werewolf, WolfmanCarnivorous mammalWisconsin, United States 
Beast of BuscoChurubusco turtle; OscarReptile/dinosaurChurubusco, Indiana, United States 
Beast of DartmoorLion-pigBoar-like mammalDartmoor National ParkEngland 
Beast of DeanMoose-pigBoar-like mammalEngland 
Beast of Exmoor Big catEngland 
Beast of GévaudanBête du Gévaudan, ArenoteliconCanidGévaudan (Lozère), France 
Bergman’s bearGod bear, irkuiem, Ursus arctos piscatorBear, proposed Arctodus simusKamchatka PeninsulaRussia 
BessieLake Erie MonsterLake monsterLake ErieNorth America 
BigfootSasquatchHominid or other primateUnited States and Canada 
Black ShuckOld ShuckCarnivorous mammalCoast of East AngliaEngland 
BownessieLake Windermere MonsterLake monsterWindermereEnglandUK 
British big catsAlien big cats (ABCs), phantom cats, mystery cats, English lions,
Beast of BodminBeast of Exmoor
Carnivorous mammalGreat Britain 
Brosno DragonBrosnyaLake monsterLake BrosnoRussia 
Bukit Timah Monkey ManBTM, BTMMForest-dwelling hominid or other primateSingapore 
Bunyip Lake and cave animalAustralia 
Burmese gray wild dogGray dholeCanineBurma 
Buru Reptile or giant lungfishArunachal PradeshIndia 
Cadborosaurus[7]CaddySea animalPacific Coast of North America 
Canvey Island Monster Fish, originally described as bipedalEngland 
ChampChamptanystropheus americanus, ChampyLake monsterLake ChamplainNorth America 
Cherufe Magma monster or draconic hominidChile 
Chessie Sea animalAtlantic Coast of the United States, especially Chesapeake Bay 
Chickcharney Flightless birdAndros Island in The Bahamas 
Chuchunya Large hominidRussia 
ChupacabraChupacabras (Brazilian Portuguese for goat-sucker) Puerto Rico (originally),
South and Central America,
Southern North America
DingonekJungle walruswalrus or otherwise tusked water-animal that reportedly lives in the heart of AfricaWestern Africa 
De Loys’ ApeAmeranthropoides loysiPrimateNear the Tarra RiverColombia  
Dewey Lake Monster“Michigan Bigfoot,” “Sisters Lakes Bigfoot”primateSister LakesDowagiacMichigan, USA  
Devil BirdUlamaBirdSri Lanka 
Devil MonkeyNalusa falayaAround 5 ft (~1.5 m) tall with long, pointed ears. Reportedly grey, with large, dark eyes, long arms, a short tail, and hair all over its body. The hair was stated to be about 1.5 in (~4 cm) long. It is reportedly aggressive.North America 
Dobhar-chúWater HoundExtra-large otter-like carnivorous aquatic mammalIreland 
Dover Demon Bipedal, alleged extraterrestrialDoverMassachusetts, United States 
Eastern cougarPuma concolor couguarFelid predatorEastern United States 
Ebu GogoTheorized to be related to Homo floresiensis, also called HobbitSmall primate, possible early hominidFloresIndonesia 
Elwedritsche MammalGermany 
Emela-ntoukaChipekwe, Irizima, Aseka-mokeReptile/dinosaur or an undiscovered aquatic rhinocerosRepublic of the Congo 
Enfield Monster Three legs, short body, two little short arms with claws, grayish epidermis and big reddish eyesEnfieldIllinois, United States 
Ennedi tigerHadjel, Gassingram, Vossoko, Mourou N’gou, Mamaimé, Dilali, saber-toothed catCarnivorous mammalChad 
Am Fear Liath MòrFear Liath, Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, GreymanPrimate; possible humanoidScotland 
Fiskerton Phantom Phantom cat/bearFiskerton, LincolnshireUK 
Flatwoods monsterGreen Monster, Braxton County MonsterSpade-headed extraterrestrial. Possibly misidentified barn owlWest Virginia, United States 
Flying rodSkyfish, rod, sky squidPhotographic artifactWorldwide 
Fouke MonsterJonesville Monster, Southern Sasquatch, Boggy Creek MonsterHominid or other primateArkansas, United States 
GarouLoup Garou, Cajun werewolfWolf-like creatureLouisiana, United States 
Gazeka MammalPapua New Guinea 
Gambo Sea animalGambia 
Ghoul HumanoidWarm climates 
Ghost deer Large deer, supposedly impervious to bulletsNorthern CaliforniaUnited States 
Giant anacondaMegacondaGiant snakeSouth America 
Giglioli’s WhaleAmphiptera pacificaSea animalOff ChileScotland, and France (in the Mediterranean Sea) 
GlobsterBlobDecaying sea animalAustraliaNew Zealand, and the Caribbean 
Gloucester sea serpentScoliophis atlanticusSea serpentMassachusetts, United States 
Gnome of GeronaGoblinSmall humanoidGironaSpain 
GoatmanThe Maryland Goatman, Chevo ManBipedalWisconsinMaryland, and Kentucky, United States 
GrassmanKenmore Grassman, Ohio GrassmanBigfoot-like primateKenmore, AkronOhio, and eastern Iowa, both in the United States 
Gunni Antleredwombat-like marsupialMarysville and surrounding area, VictoriaAustralia 
Grootslang Elephant with a serpent‘s tailRichtersveldSouth Africa 
HakawaiHokioiMythological bird heard but not seenNew Zealand
HellhoundBarghest, Black Shuck, Dip, Gwyllgi, GytrashLarge, black, spectral hound with red eyesWorldwide 
HodagThe Dag; NasobatilusCarnivorous mammal/lizardRhinelander, Wisconsin, United States 
Hokkaidō wolfEzo wolf, Canis lupus hattaiWolfHokkaidōJapan 
Homo gardarensis Hominid (acromegalic Homo sapiens?)Greenland 
Honey Island Swamp monsterLetiche, Tainted KeitreHominid or other primateLouisiana, United States 
Honshū wolfJapanese wolf, yamainu, Canis lupus hodophilaxWolfHonshūJapan 
Hoop snake SnakeUnited States/Australia 
Huay ChivoHuaychivoCarnivorous mammalYucatánCampeche, and Quintana RooMexico 
IgopogoKempenfelt KellyLake monsterLake SimcoeOntario (Canada) 
Iliamna Lake Monster Lake monster. It is most likely a giant white sturgeon, though some reports have compared it to a shark or a whaleLake IliamnaAlaska

White sturgeon
Inkanyamba Lake monsterAfrica 
IsshiiIssieLake monsterJapan 
Ivory-billed woodpeckerCampephilus principalisBirdSoutheastern United States and Cuba 
Jba FofiGreat SpiderLarge spider-like creatureCentral Africa 
JackalopeAntelabbit, aunt benny, Wyoming thistled hare, stagbunnyHerbivorous mammalNorth America 
Jersey DevilLeeds DevilWinged bipedal horseUnited States, mainly the South JerseyPine Barrens, as well as other parts of New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania 
Kaijin Sea monsterJapan 
KappaGatarō, KawakoBipedalJapan 
KingstieLake George MonsterLake monsterLake OntarioNorth America 
Kongamato Pterosaur/bird/batKenya 
KoolakambaApe hybrid, KoolooKambaA cross between a chimpanzee and a gorillaWest Africa 
Kraken Sea animalWorld’s oceans 
Kting VoarHoly Goat, Snake-eating Cow, Khting Vor, Linh Duong, Pseudonovibos spiralisHerbivorous mammalVietnam and Cambodia 
Kumi Lizard/Ngarara Reptile: giant monitor lizardNew Zealand 
Kusshii Lake monsterJapan 
Lagarfljót Wormlagarfljóts ormurinnLake monsterIceland 
Lake Tianchi MonsterLake Chonji MonsterLake monsterChina and North Korea 
Lake Van MonsterMonster of Lake VanLake monsterTurkey 
Lake Worth MonsterLake Worth Goatman, Texas BigfootCarnivorous mammalTexas, United States 
LariosauroComo Lake MonsterWater reptileItaly 
Lizard Man of Scape Ore SwampLizard Man of Lee CountyBipedalSouth Carolina, United States 
Loch Ness MonsterNessie, Nessiteras rhombopteryxLake monster (plesiosaur or another type of Sauropterygia?)Loch NessScotland 
Loveland FrogLoveland LizardBipedal lizard or frog, allegedly first seen in Loveland, OhioOhio, United States 
Lukwata Lake monsterAfrican Great Lakes 
LuscaGigantic octopusLarge octopusWorld’s oceans 
MacFarlane’s bearUrsus inopinatusCarnivorous mammal, possibly a grizzly-polar bear hybridCanada 
MaeroMohoaoCannibalistic hominids in Māori mythologyNew Zealand 
Mahamba Giant crocodileLake Likouala swamp region, Democratic Republic of the Congo 
Maltese tigerBlue tigerCarnivorous mammalChina 
Mamlambo Lake monsterSouth Africa 
Manananggal Female humanoid that can split its body into two partsPhilippines 
Manatee of Helena ManateeSaint Helena 
Mande BarungMande Burung, Indian YetiHumanoidNorth East IndiaBangladesh 
Man-eating treeYa-te-veoCarnivorous treeLarge tree with an eye and mouth; eats humans, its name means “I see you”. Descriptions vary. 
ManipogoWinnipogoLake monsterLake ManitobaCanada 
Mapinguari Herbivorous mammalAmazon rainforest 
Maricoxi PrimateSouth America 
MaroziSpotted lion, Panthera leo maculatusLion-like felidAfrica 
Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Reptile/dinosaurRepublic of the Congo 
Megalania priscaor Varanus priscusDevil DragonGiant Australian monitor lizard[8][9]Australia 
MegalodonCarcharodon megalodonCarcharocles megalodonGiant sharkWorld’s oceans 
Melon heads Humanoids with enlarged headsAllegan County woods, Michigan, and parts of Ohio and Connecticut, United States 
MemphreMemphré, Lake Memphremagog MonsterLake monsterLake Memphremagog (United States and Canada) 
Menehune PrimateHawaii, United States 
Mermaid Human-fishAll five oceans and several seas 
Merman Human-fishAll five oceans and several seas 
Michigan DogmanWolfman of Wexford CountyCarnivorous mammalMichigan, United States 
MinhocãoBig EarthwormCaecilianSouth America 
Milton lizard Giant monitor lizard-like lizardTrimble CountyKentucky 
Minnesota IcemanHomo pongoidesPrimateMinnesota, United States 
MitlaFawcett’s zorro or Fawcett’s catCarnivorous mammalBolivian rainforest 
MngwaNundaCarnivorous mammalTanzania 
MoehauMaeroero, The Hairy Moehau, The Moehau MonsterPrimateNew Zealand 
Mogollon MonsterMug-ee-yun MonsterBipedal primateMogollon RimArizona, United States 
Mokele-Mbembe Reptile/dinosaurRepublic of the Congo 
Momo the MonsterMissouri MonsterPrimateMissouri, United States 
Mongolian Death WormAllghoi (or orghoi) khorkhoiWorm-like animalGobi Desert (Asia) 
Monkey-man of DelhiBlack MonkeyBig black monkeyOld DelhiIndia 
Mono Grande HominidSouth America 
Montauk MonsterMountySmall, decomposed quadruped carcassMontaukLong Island, United States 
Morag Lake monsterScotland 
Morgawr Sea SerpertCornwall 
MothmanPopularized by John A. Keel’s book The Mothman PropheciesWinged bipedalMason CountyWest Virginia, United States 
Mountain fennec FoxSouthern Algeria and northern Chad, in the central Sahara mountains 
Muckie Lake monsterLakes of KillarneyIreland 
Muc-sheilche Lake monsterScotland 
Muhuru Reptile/dinosaurKenya 
Mussie Lake monsterOntarioCanada 
NahuelitoNahuel Huapi Lake MonsterLake monsterNahuel Huapi LakeArgentina 
Nandi BearChemosit, Chimiset, Chimisit, Duba, Engargiya, Gadett, Ikimizi, Kerit, Kikambangwe, Kikomba, Koddoelo, Ngoloko, Sabrookoo, ShivuverreCarnivorous mammalAfrica 
Ngoubou Reptile, proposed dinosaurCameroon 
Nguma-monene Reptile, proposed dinosaurRepublic of the Congo 
OgopogoN’ha•a•itk, NaitakaLake monsterLake OkanaganCanada 
Old Yellow Top PrimateCanada 
Olitiau Winged animal: bat or flying reptileCameroon 
Onza Big felid: possibly a new species of cougarLatin America
Orang-bati BipedalIndonesia 
Orang MawasMawas, Orang Dalam, Hantu Jarang GigiPrimateMalaysia 
Orang Pendek Primate, has been associated with Homo floresiensisSumatra 
OwlmanCornish Owlman, Owlman of MawnanHuman-owlEngland 
Ozark HowlerOzark Black HowlerCarnivorous mammalArkansasMissouriOklahoma, and Texas, United States 
Panthera tigris sudanensis Big felid: possibly a new species of tigerCairoEgypt 
PeludaShaggy Beast, La Veluedragon-like beast with a porcupine-like body, a snake‘s neck, head, and tail, large tortoise-like feet, and a green colorLa Ferté-BernardFrance 
Phantom catAlien Big Cats (ABCs)Carnivorous mammalWorldwide 
Phantom kangaroo MarsupialVarious 
Phaya Naga River monsterLaos and Thailand 
Pogeyan[10][11] Gray felid; possible color morph of the Indian leopardArea of AnamudiWestern GhatsIndia 
Popobawa  East Africa 
Pope Lick Monster BipedalKentucky, United States 
PoukaiPouakai, HakawaiLarge carnivorous birdNew Zealand 
Queensland tigerYarri, the Beast of BuderimCarnivorous mammalAustralia 
ReptiliansLizard People, Draconian, Reptoid, Dinosauroid, DragonoidBipedalWorldwide 
Sea monk Sea animalWorld’s oceans 
Sea monsters Sea animalsWorld’s oceans 
Sea serpent Sea animalWorld’s oceans 
SelmaSeljordsormenLake monsterLake SeljordTelemarkNorway 
Sewer alligatorAlbino alligatorContemporary phylogenesisWidespread urban environments 
SharlieSlimy Slim, The twilight dragon of Payette lakeLake monsterLake PayetteMcCall, Idaho, United States 
ShōjōXing-xing, translates to “heavy drinker” or “orangutan”Sea creature with red face and hairJapan 
Shug Monkey PrimateEurope 
Shunka Warakin Carnivorous mammal; wolf-like, boar-like, hyena-likeWestern United States (especially Montana) 
Sigbin Caninecat-foxcivetPhilippines 
SirrushMushrushuReptile/dinosaurAfrica and ancient Babylon 
SkookumCannibalistic wildmen of Mt. St. Helens, WashingtonApe-like hominidPacific Northwest 
Skunk ApeStink Ape, Myakka Ape, Myakka Skunk ApePrimateFlorida, United States 
SnallygasterSchneller Geist“A dragon-like beast… The earliest incarnations mixed the half-bird features of a siren with the nightmarish features of demons and ghouls. The Snallygaster was described as half-reptile, half-bird with a metallic beak lined with razor-sharp teeth, occasionally with octopus-like tentacles.”The hills surrounding Washington, D.C. and Frederick County, Maryland; West Virginia 
Steller’s sea ape Sea animalPacific Ocean 
Storsjöodjuret Lake monsterSweden 
Stronsay Beast Sea animalOrkneyScotland 
Sucuriju GiganteGiant Bull Eater (Matatoro in Spanish); giant anaconda; megacondaGiant boaAmazon rainforest 
Tahoe TessieLake Tahoe monsterLake monsterLake Tahoe, in California and Nevada, United States 
Tapire-iauara Jaguar/tapirAmazon rainforest 
Tatzelwurm Reptile/amphibianEuropean Alps 
Thetis Lake Monster Reptilian humanoidVancouver IslandCanada
Thunderbird Giant birdNorth America 
Tikbalang HumanoidPhilippines 
Trinity Alps giant salamander SalamanderCalifornia, United States 
TrunkoThe Margate monsterWhale carcassSouth Africa 
Tsuchinoko SnakeJapan 
Tsul ‘Kalu PrimateAmerican West 
Turtle Lake Monster Lake monsterSaskatchewanCanada 
Typhonic BeastSet animalCarnivorous canidEgypt 
Umdhlebi Carnivorous treeZululandSouth Africa 
UrayuliArulataq, Bushman, Tent Monster, Nant’ina, WoodsmanHominid or other primateSouthwest Alaska, near Lake Iliamna, United States 
Vampire Humanoid, usually with pale skin and fangs. An immortal undead.Worldwide 
Veo Carnivorous mammalIndonesia 
Waheela Carnivorous mammalCanada 
WaitorekeMaori otter, New Zealand otter; Waitoreki, WaitoreteCarnivorous mammalSouth IslandNew Zealand 
Wampus catFoot Craver, Masked Cat, Canable CatLegendary felidSouthern and Southwestern United States 
WendigoWindiga, Witiko, Wihtikow, WeendigoLegendary creatureNorthern United States and Canada 
Wild Man of the NavidadWild Woman of the Navidad, Wildman of the NavidadLegendary creatureSouth Texas, United States 
WolpertingerCrisensus bavaricusMammalGermany 
WuchariaCanis aureus lupaster or Canis lupus arabsCanineDanakil DepressionEritrea 
YerenYiren, Yeh Ren, Chinese WildmanPrimate (possible hominin)China 
YetiAbominable SnowmanPrimate / UrsidaeHimalayas (Asia) 
Cryptozoology Shows
  • Animal X *Series 1
  • Animal X *Series 2
  • Animal X Natural Mystery Unit
  • Myths, Magic and Monsters

Fictional shows and movies with Cryptids (Cryptozoological creatures)
  • Harry and the Hendersons (Bigfoot)
  • Water Horse (water monster)